About our work.


We believe that the most interesting work happens at the intersection of opposing forces. Old/new, high/low, masculine/feminine, order/chaos, organic/inorganic.


Our process follows suit: a tension of intellect and intuition. 

Gretel's studio is a 5,000 square foot space in the heart of Union Square.



We meet with internal teams to discover insights and trouble points. We process existing research and briefs, or commission research as needed. We also research internal capabilities and implementation, to be considered when developing brand tools. Out of discovery, we arrive at a handful of key truths which pave the way for strategy.


We sort and re-sort our key takeaways from discovery to arrive at a succinct brand statement. We consider everything from purpose and personality, to competitive landscape and demographics, to resources and scale, in order to map out a smart way to execute on that statement.


Brand Architecture

We create usable hierarchy for new or unruly brands. We’re experts at taking complex input and creating smart structures that allow brands to grow.

Visual Identity

We imbue all of our work with intelligence and great aesthetics. We empower our clients to communicate clearly with the consumer. And we create identities that are a visual expression of the brand personality.



We bring brands to life through language. We create language systems that embody a brand’s personality. From copywriting to tag-lines.

Experience Design

We help clients activate their brands across platforms, helping to create a variety of expressions of the brand voice. We wrangle complex technical constraints to create powerful experiences.


Art Direction

The image is often a core element of a brand. We bring our refined eye to shooting, both stills and live action.



Interior Design: 21CF

Our work for 21CF, now featured in Interior Design.

The Design Kids: Interview

Ryan visits The Design Kids to chat design, interning, and crits.

Promax: IFC

Promax BDA ranked our recent IFC rebrand #3 for 2018.

Premios de Diseño Latinoamericano: Jury

Ryan joins the Premios de Diseño Latinoamericano 2018 brand jury.

Eater: Hart

Eater took a look at our work for Noma’s new bakery in Copenhagen.

AdAge: The Daily

AdAge featured our national campaign for The Daily.

Under Consideration: First Round

Greg and Ryan present Kickstarter work at Under Consideration’s First Round.

Los Logos 8

Viceland, Channel 5 featured in Los Logos 8

Gold Cube/One Club panel

Dylan and Ryan discuss the planning and execution of Viceland's branding at The One Club for Creativity’s Gold on Gold Lecture Series.


At AIGA, Vice and Gretel discuss launching a modern TV channel.

RDV Conference

At RDV Design Conference, Gretel discusses the importance of getting to know your brand better through dialogue.

CXI Conference

Greg and Ryan discuss the initial thinking behind Viceland at CXI conference.

Dolby Art Series

The Dolby Art Series commissions Gretel to create art for San Francisco Design Week.

Making and Breaking the Grid

CNBC Prime and Viceland featured in Making and Breaking the Grid, by Timothy Samara.

Viceland Awards

Viceland wins top awards from the Clio Awards, D&AD Awards, ADC Awards, and TDC.

Lubalin Center

Lubalin Center invites Gretel to browse archive, receives tour from curator, Alexander Tochilovsky.

Thing Magazine

Thing Magazine – a celebration of beautiful industrial design. 



Ryan Moore, Creative Director, discusses Gretel’s pitch process, boiling brands down to their essence, and more on Episode 29 of Animalators.

Design Matters

Debbie Millman, host of Design Matters, speaks to Greg and Ryan about the Gretel approach to branding and design.