Citi Global


Citi Global



One of the world’s largest banks with total assets in the trillions and ad spending in the hundreds of millions.


In 2011 Publicis spearheaded a hugely successful global brand refresh for Citibank; Gretel was brought in early on to help bring the brand to life across a variety of platforms. Over the course of three years, we worked with Publicis ECD, Tom Drymalski developing a wide scope of material: everything from logo treatments, to on air campaigns, OOH, and graphics for digital content.

The basic elements that Publicis created for the brand were simple, elegant and minimal: the Blue Wave – a gradient that was identifiably Citi – and a ‘module’ container with rounded corners that houses all kinds of content. Our job has been to add value to those simple elements, repurposing, reconfiguring and reinventing the way they fit together to give the brand more breadth and variety.


One of our first tasks was to explore a solution for a global logo treatment. We played with texture and dimension, but ultimately landed on light as the best device for activating the Citi brand. The chosen logo treatment was called ‘The Beacon’ which was used domestically. A modified version was created – incorporating a lit globe, highlighting the world’s financial centers – for global use.


Digital Content Branding


We helped develop a mini branding system for a series of web based documentaries. The docs focus on a variety of stories featuring real Citi customers, who showcase the ways that Citi helped them realize a particular vision. The goal was to use the same branded building blocks to create a sophisticated, smart feel for the docs.


National Advertising


A large part of the work we’ve done has been for a variety of national ad campaigns. The modular system lends itself well to clear communication, our job was to find balance and hierarchy as well as creating branded motion behavior to all the spots.


Google Wallet


Citi and Google partnered in 2013, introducing Google Wallet as a product exclusively to Citi customers. Citi was an early adopter to the technology being one of the first to introduce this type of seamless experience to its clientele. We helped Publicis and Citi in a broad initiative to explain the various benefits of the product to the public.