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Thing Magazine

Identity & Publication

A magazine about things.

Thing Magazine is a self initiated mini-magazine about industrial design. It’s a spotlight on beloved objects, highlighting their sculptural quality, the materiality, and the ingenuity of construction. 

The sensibility of the identity on the one hand references templated forms, like an invoice, or a bill of lading, which have a very dry, academic effect. On the other hand, we have a dazzling repeat, derived from the logo, which is anything but generic - a celebration of the deconstructed forms of the logo. The mix of raw functionality with aesthetic expression is the playground of industrial design.


Each issue shares the cover format and size, but everything else is subject to change. Paper stock, photography style, typography all vary, creating a unique object from issue to issue. The covers, though, feel like a scientific specimen label; as a series they will form an index - a taxonomy of industrial design.