Paramount Network


Paramount Network

Big stories, small screen

Leveraging 105 years of cinematic heritage for a contemporary audience.

As one of the world’s oldest and well know movie studios, Paramount has a legacy of cinematic excellence that spans more than a century. Its parent company, Viacom – which also owns iconic brands such as MTV, VH1 and Comedy Central – recognized a gap in their portfolio for premium scripted television to compete with the likes of HBO and Showtime. To fill this gap they launched a brand new network into the market, leveraging the Paramount name with a lineup of original scripted television series and some familiar classics from the now retired Spike Network.

Inspired by Paramount Studio’s rich cinematic heritage and A-list roster of talent, Paramount Network aims to provide a modern television audience with premium cinematic storytelling without the premium subscription of its competitors. Our brief was to leverage 105 years of cinematic heritage with a contemporary brand identity suitable for this digital savvy audience.

Our solution: Take the classic icons that Paramount is famous for and represent them in a way that’s familiar yet fresh with a nod to its cinematic past – bringing the movie going experience from the big screen to every screen.


As a nod to Paramount’s rich cinematic heritage, we built a typographic language referencing movie posters, trailers, reel changes and movie credits. The intention was to make the televisual experience feel like going to the movies – fast cuts, blips, and bold type contribute to a cinematic experience on every screen. And since the term "movie stars" was born out of Paramount, we celebrate Paramount’s roster of A-list talent both in front of and behind the camera drawing back to the brand’s Hollywood roots.


Taking inspiration from the familiar curtain raiser animation, we devised a motion behavior that’s always moving upwards, climbing the mountain towards the Paramount. We reinterpreted the iconic cinematic camera movement of the curtain in two-dimensions. The  camera passes over panels containing different content, ultimately culminating in the Paramount logo at the end of on-air promos.



The brand plays out across a variety of media including on-air, digital, print, and outdoor advertising. In addition to the on-air package we developed a system for outdoor advertising which allows for each show to express its own personality through bespoke at direction with a consistent, yet flexible layout system that pays attribution back to the network.


The on-air package includes a wide range of tools to give promo producers the flexibility to paint different cinematic tones for a wide variety of shows the network will carry, yet all feeling distinctly Paramount.

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