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Channel 5 is many things to many people.  As one of only five terrestrial channels in the UK, it reaches 45 million people each month. It has a huge following but has skewed down-market over the last several years. With a recent acquisition by Viacom, and a flood of premium acquired and original content, 5 wanted to shift gears and to reposition themselves as a more up-market, aspirational destination, without losing touch with its roots as a brand for the people.

The breadth and depth of their offering can’t be summed up easily. They don’t just offer drama or docs or sport or travel or films or news…they offer all of those. There are also several sub-brands with varying internal tennets. So, the core brand has to flex: it has to be both mainstream and definitive, sophisticated and accessible, edgy, fun, and authoritative. A study in contrasts. An amalgam of differing traits.


Five Easy Pieces.

The new mark does a lot of the heavy lifting in communicating the brand shift. It speaks to a brand made up of distinct components, and varying traits. Each piece is unique but the whole is authoritative, playful, modern and balanced. And it has a twist, literally and figuratively.

The logo also works as a hub for the family of sub-brands. The marks for 5Star, 5USA and My5 are built on the same 5 logo in outlined form. This allows for consistency but puts the emphasis on the sub-brand. The secondary marks are all built on a single typeface, Brandon Grotesk, with signature modifications per brand.


The master 5 brand is broad in scope and the visual identity follows suit. The brand is built entirely around the deconstruction of the main logo. Pieces disassemble and become curious abstractions to allow for content to take center stage, then they reconfigure to recreate the logo and stamp the brand.


“5’s new look does a stellar job of smartening up the channel’s image and giving the brand a flexible suite of assets that can be adapted to suit digital, print and on-air applications”

Creative RevieW | SEPT 2016

In motion, deconstruction and rebuilding is the core behavior. Using simple lateral moves the brand takes on a feeling of a vast space with endless possibilities.