Chris Maclean

Chris comes to us from Sydney after stints as Creative Director at RE Sydney and ECD at Interbrand Australia, where he lead high profile projects for Australia’s largest telecoms Optus and Telstra as well as branding for cultural clients like the Sydney Opera House and the Griffin Theater Company.

Optus Yes branding and packaging

His body of work has great range in style and sensibility, there is no one style that represents Chris; his strength is in getting to the heart of a brand’s personality and letting that rise to the surface, as opposed to imposing his sensibility on the work. Of course, he does this with a great aesthetic sense, which is why he’s been honored by the D&AD, Cannes, AGDA, Red Dot, Clio, Type Directors Club and IDCA.

Sydney Opera House branding and signage

Chris’ strength is taking that brand personality and creating systems around it, iterating it across platforms. Chris is equally at home designing for physical spaces, way finding, signage, print / digital marketing and physical packaging. Having been in the industry for 13 years, Chris has seen the landscape evolve. He’s forward thinking and in sync with Gretel’s understanding of living brands – brands that live in screens. Chris knows the importance of brand behavior and can speak the language of movement, on screens small and large. 

Griffin Theater branding and signage

Chris is an active writer and speaker on the subject of branding and design – what it means to him and what it means in our culture. He lives and breaths his work. Put simply, Chris gives a shit. He’s a believer and advocate for the work we do, he believes in the power of smart design to affect the culture we live in.

IR branding
Telstra Spectrum packaging
Australia Post